Things I Hate from England

First of all, the most important thing that makes me hate this football team is their winning in World Cup™ 1966 when they hosted the tournament, I’m completely sure the victory is fake! They won World Cup™ 1966 just because their status as host and the third England’s goal made by Geoff Hurst is fake, the ball did not cross the line. It was not goal asshole! I do hate Geoff Hurst, and I hate the referee who legalized that ‘Ghost Shoot’ as a goal.

Second, I hate the England’s arrogant; they always consider that they are one of best football team in Europe and world; they consider their only one World Cup™ title makes them deserve to be superior team in every drawing of tournament. Please England, don’t you realize that your only one winning is only a gift from Russian referee? You were just luckily won World Cup™ 1966; you did not win that tournament with your real power. If you are superior, you are not only winning one World Cup™ title, but also you won European Champion and you won World Cup™ for second time, and I want to ask. Did you ever win European title? No, you did not, right.

Even England football teams are never been in neither European final match nor second World Cup™ final match. That should make England realize that Italy, German and France are better than you are. Italy proves them as the best European team competing in World Cup™. Italy won World Cup™ four times (Italy 1934, France 1938, Spain 1982, and Germany 2006). Then Germany won World Cup™ three times (Switzerland 1954, Germany 1974, and Italy 1990), and Germany is the best European team ever, with three European titles (Belgium 1972, Italy 1980, and England 1996). Holland is also better than England team, they went to the final World Cup™ match twice (Germany 1974 and Argentina 1978), and they won Euro 1988 Germany.

Those teams had won European title and or World Cup™ title, and they proved their superior by winning the title whether they were the host or not. France won three titles, not only when hosted the tournament (Euro 1984, and World Cup™ 1998), but also when they played in Holland and Belgium (Euro 2000). Those things are England have never done. Italy, Germany, France, and Holland proved that they are much better than England football team, winning the title with no ‘Ghost Shoot’. France did beat the opponent just like when they beat Brazil 3-0 in World Cup™ final, it was certain score, and it is not fake goal that Zineddine “Zizou” Zidane and Emanuel Petit made. The balls were completely crossed the line. France beat Italy 2-1 with David Trezeguet’s golden goal, the certain and real goal, not fake goal.

Third, England claim that their league is the best league in the world. That is why I hate them. I definitely disagree with the statement, Spanish league and Italian league are better than the English premiere league. English premiere league is famous not best or better than Italian or Spanish League. English premiere league is famous because famous football players like Andrii Shevchenko, Cristiano Ronaldo, Thomas Rosicky and Thieryy Henry play there. However, it does not mean that their boring league (which only show us the kick and rush strategy, no variation) is better than Italian Serie A or Spanish League that show us the good technique of playing football, perfect diving, and the variation of strategy.

Fourth, England football teams are always dreaming that they are the superior team and they will win every competition they compete. In World Cup™ 2002, World Cup™ 2006, Euro 2000 and Euro 2004, England joined the tournament with total confidence that they will win all of those tournaments. Finally, we all could see the results.

Moreover, look what they could do in latest World Cup™ Germany 2006. Oh come on, can’t you open your eyes and see that David Beckham is only worth for his right foot and what he can do is only shoot from distance and give the accurate crossing without the ability to be a good captain, he can’t lead his teammate to win the match. Neither erases his friends panic nor gives them spirit can Beckham do.

Wayne Rooney, considered as The Next Phenomenon, golden boy in his talented age is only a band person that his emotion is easily came out, he also made no goal in World Cup™ 2006. Maybe his latest injury will be blamed as the barrier for him to play perfectly. Frank Lampard, considered as the general and the England’s midfield breath who always scored from long distance shoot when playing for Chelsea missed the penalty shoot, also happened to Steven Gerrard, the Liverpool skipper and the England hope to score from free kicks who missed the penalty and he gave nothing to England football team. Peter Crouch, the tall, slow, weak and fool England’s striker missed almost 10 chances in every match and only scored one goal to Trinidad and Tobago, after he got all the golden chances.

How can this fool and weak team formed from mid skill player may win the title? England’s hope to win the title will always be dream. Then they will always be being lullaby with the only title they got. They are considering themselves as one of great football team in Europe and World, which that thing will never happen.


11 Responses to “Things I Hate from England”

  1. 1 salmah ruh 28 February 2008 at 17:24

    he…heee.kita kurang tahu sikit tentang bahasa inggris.maklum udah tua kali……..ya

  2. 2 Sheldon Owen 24 July 2017 at 23:09

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