You Are An ENTJ

The Executive

You are a natural leader – with confidence and strength that inspires others.

Paling tidak waktu Latdas ke 8 IMPAS-B….

Driven to succeed, you are always looking for ways to gain, power, knowledge, and expertise.

Kok kayanya benar? Berarti saya ngisinya jujur dunk

Sometimes you aren’t the most considerate person, especially to those who are a bit slow.

Apa ya? biar dunia yang menilai

You are not easily intimidated – and you have a commanding, awe-inspiring presence.

Eh hampir benar lagi, jangan jangan mesin pengetestnya ini tuhan nich

In love, you hold high standards… for yourself, for your relationship, and for your significant other.

Someone should know about this

While it’s easy for you to impress others, it’s hard for you to find someone who impresses you.

Wah, benar benar tuhan ni mesin pengetest, tau aja kalau saya ganteng dan menarik

At work, you are organized and good at delegating. You understand how to achieve goals.

Apa iya? Tapi kalau kata Pak Camat saya ini sukanya telat? Tapi kalau kata bendahara kantor saya memang pekerja yang baik tuh

You would make a great CEO, entrepreneur, or consultant.

Konsultan Hati? Pengusaha? Pengusaha apa ya? Perasaan ga bakat semua deh profesinya yang ditawarkan. Berarti mesin ini memang bukan tuhan

How you see yourself: Rational, calm, and objective.

No Comment!

When other people don’t get you, they see you as: Inflexible, controlling, and overbearing.

Ah masa? Jangan jangan ni mesin adalah jelmaan daripada peserta Latdas yang pernah saya hukum


13 Responses to “Testing”

  1. 1 itikkecil 13 August 2008 at 20:38

    saya ESPJ..

  2. 2 Pakacil 14 August 2008 at 00:45

    tak bisa dipercaya, soalnya tesnya pakai bahasa inggris
    jawaban mengandalkan feeling

  3. 3 Mrs. Fortynine 14 August 2008 at 00:46

    saya kalo nggak salah ENTJ deh… 😀

  4. 4 Mrs. Fortynine 14 August 2008 at 00:47

    You Are An ENTP

    The Visionary

    You are charming, outgoing, friendly. You make a good first impression.
    You possess good negotiating skills and can convince anyone of anything.
    Happy to be the center of attention, you love to tell stories and show off.
    You’re very clever, but not disciplined enough to do well in structured environments.

    In love, you see everything as a grand adventure. You enjoy taking risks for love.
    And if things don’t work out, you’re usually not too much worse for the wear!

    You would make a great entrepreneur, marketing executive, or actor.

    At work, you need a lot of freedom to pursue your own path and vision.
    How you see yourself: Analytical, creative, and peaceful

    When other people don’t get you, they see you as: Detached, wishy-washy, and superficial

    What’s Your Personality Type?

  5. 5 Mrs. Fortynine 14 August 2008 at 00:53

    yah… ternyata saya ENTP… kalo dari test ini…
    tau deh… ini test ngasal kok… 😀

  6. 6 Mrs. Fortynine 14 August 2008 at 00:56

    In love, you hold high standards… for yourself, for your relationship, and for your significant other.

    Someone should know about this

    someone who, dear?

  7. 7 Mr. Fortynine 14 August 2008 at 06:02

    @itikkecil: Yang jelas sama sama extrovert. Eh, bener ga si “E” nya itu extrovert???

    @Pakacil: Saya juga. Saya bahkan menduga mesin itu adalah jelmaan dari seorang dokter yang psikopat. *hiperbola*

    @Mrs. Fortynine: Itu test kok kayanya menjurus kepada fakta???

    Someone? Namanya juga someone, kalau ga someone ya somebody..

  8. 8 Mrs. Fortynine 14 August 2008 at 18:34

    gitu… nggak ngasi tau…

  9. 9 Fortynine 23 September 2008 at 00:24


    Sekali kali main rahasiaan kan boleh. Buat bumbu penyedap hubungan

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