Kosong Satu, Kosong Dua, Dua Kosong, Satu Kosong

My hand and my foot have talked, expressing my anger

I got back my speed, my bravery, erasing some embarrassing moment on the road

This couple have collaborated well, make surplus for world population


5 Responses to “Kosong Satu, Kosong Dua, Dua Kosong, Satu Kosong”

  1. 1 ManusiaSuper 2 February 2010 at 13:41

    Lakian binian?

  2. 2 Fortynine 2 February 2010 at 23:19

    Thomas…. He he, kada tahu lagi ngarannya, yang jelas ngarannya kada bakalan Agustina, atau Febriyanti….

  3. 3 nia 3 February 2010 at 14:33

    10 02 20 10

    gtu kah rid???

  4. 4 nia 3 February 2010 at 14:38

    01 02 20 10

    wehehehehehehhehe .. salah ketik auk nah ..

  5. 5 Fortynine 12 March 2010 at 19:43

    Iya, kaitu Cil ay….

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